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Meet internationally published cover model, YouTube fashion vlogger, host, Bachelor’s Degree holder, business woman, blogger ( and motivational figure/speaker focusing on women’s empowerment… Ruvi Bazaz. This East Indian entrepreneur was born in Boston, raised in Northern California and now resides in sunny Los Angeles. Becoming a full-time entrepreneur at the ripe age of 24 years old, Ruvi is rapidly inspiring those around her to pursue their dreams and not let fear stop them from living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Ruvi, known for her almond eyes, voluminous Indian hair and infectious smile, has been published on covers and featured in national and international magazines including Sports Illustrated USA (twice), Esquire, Maxim (USA, India, Espanol), FHM (India, Singapore, Czech Republic and Malaysia), Femina (India), the first US based model for the cover of DSS Magazine (Spain), and many others.

“She’s sexy… and she knows it. Trust her to know all about her sex appeal ‘cos the LA-based but full-on Indian Ruvi Bazaz damn well knows where it lies. Where? In going all out to get what she wants”, writes world famous magazine brand, MAXIM India, in regards to the “go-getter” herself, who prides herself on being recognized for her work ethic and drive in an industry that is heavily focused on physical beauty. Ruvi is accomplishing her goals and living her dreams each day and even MAXIM takes note of it.

Ruvi has been selected to model some of the hottest urban brands of all time such as Rocawear, Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Coogi, Trey’s Angels and more. She has also represented worldwide brands such as Levi’s, The NorthFace, Fashion Lab and many others. Her clients continuously book her for her exotic East Indian look, unmatchable work ethic and down-to-earth, positive attitude. Ruvi carries a smile wherever she goes and seeks to spread positive energy in any way that she can. Though Ruvi is full East Indian, she is commonly mistaken for Middle Eastern, Hispanic and European, which is appealing to her clients’ target markets as her look is relatable to women all over the world.

Growing up, Ruvi became fascinated with the acting and modeling world and dreamed about being a part of it. Since she was born, she was always in front of the camera because of her mother’s love for photography. Her mother has photo albums filled with photos each for literally every year of her life, so being in front of the camera came natural to Ruvi. Ruvi first dabbled in the modeling world at the age of 16 yet her priority was getting her high school diploma and then her college degree. Quoted from a feature in Femina (India’s largest women’s magazine): “‘Modeling comes with a shelf life, you always have to have a plan B,’ says Ruvi. And just as I begin admiring her clear-headedness and focus to make her mark in life, she adds, ‘My degree will serve me well in any field I choose, as an entrepreneur,’ she says, leaving me pleasantly surprised.”

At the age of 18, Ruvi moved out on her own to Sacramento, CA to attend college. She worked full-time to support herself and attended school full-time all while maintaining highest honors. She was on Dean’s List and part of an International Honor’s Society throughout college. Moving out at such a young age forced Ruvi to mature quicker than most teenagers. She was a member of the Speech and Debate team, the Secretary of the Business Club, a member of Women in Business and the American Marketing Association. Ruvi majored in Communications with a Marketing minor, which serves her well in marketing herself in her career as a entrepreneur.

It was not until after graduating college that Ruvi saw modeling and writing as a career option. After graduation, it was kind of like, ‘Now what?’ and being a firm believer in the quote: “If you love what you do, you won’t ever work a day in your life”, Ruvi chose pursuing her dream over a traditional career in corporate America. Both of her parents have worked as entrepreneurs throughout their entire careers, so it was only natural for her to desire the the same. Modeling became Ruvi’s way to create and express herself. Ruvi has always found joy in art, writing, producing and making a vision come to life.

With the support of her family and friends, Ruvi made a life-changing decision in April of 2012 to move to Los Angeles to further pursue her career – less than a year after graduating college. She hasn’t looked back since. Since moving to LA, Ruvi has been booked consistently.

Before making her passion her full-time career, Ruvi achieved success in her former positions in sales and marketing. She was consistently the top revenue producer in her sales position, from 1 month into the position through the duration of her time there. She also worked as a project manager – wearing hats in fields such as advertising, sales and marketing.

If Ruvi could describe herself in one word, it would be persistent. She perseveres to achieve her dreams no matter how long or difficult the journey. She is admired by her friends for her consistently positive outlook on life. She aspires to inspire others to follow their dreams as well and is often commended for her ability to inspire others with her story. She is looked up to by other women for always carrying herself in a classy manner and never exploiting herself.

Something that sets Ruvi apart from the competition is that she always leaves her audience wanting more and doesn’t put it all out there. She’s a big believer in “leaving it to the imagination”. Her parents raised her to always stick to her morals. Ruvi is very selective in the type of work and projects she engages in, as she needs to make sure all projects and are in line with her brand. She is a big believer in staying true to yourself and not losing a sense of who you are, especially when working in the entertainment industry, which is inspirational to her peers.

It might sound odd, given the industry she’s in, but Ruvi’s goal is not to become famous or even a millionaire. Her main objectives are to achieve success in her own terms, accomplish all of her goals, retire her parents, give back to others, travel the world and inspire other women to chase their dreams.

Ruvi brings a positive attitude, enthusiasm and a willingness to make the vision come to life in each project she participates in. She maintains open communication before, during and after each shoot and is more than willing to help brainstorm concepts ideas, wardrobe suggestions and even assemble teams if need be. She makes sure she knows what is expected from her on each project so that she can deliver her best work. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies combined with her driven personality and eight years of experience as a model make her the perfect selection for your next project. No diva attitude here… Ruvi is often complimented by her colleagues for her humble demeanor. Ruvi strives to outdo herself on each project and seeks to take away something with every project she engages in, in order to improve for the next time. To book Ruvi for your next project, ad campaign, visual, speaking engagement or to host your event, please contact her team with all the appropriate details at

Modeling is only the beginning to Ruvi’s journey and brand.